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A Cat Called Winston (as previously published in Nova News January 2018)

Winston is a most discerning cat, so it stands to reason that he’s a customer of Carl Taphouse Carpets. Together with the family with whom he resides – let’s call them the Churchills – Winston decided it was time for a new dining room carpet.

Colour was an obvious consideration – it had to be something to show his sleek, ebony coat to its best advantage – but texture, longevity and quality were important too.

The Churchills favoured a 100% pure new wool carpet, with a chunky loop and in a flecked, oatmeal hue. Unbeknownst to Winston, they borrowed some samples, and took them home to try out.

Winston was most unimpressed. Not only had he been side-lined in the consultation process, the Churchills’s favoured carpet looked and felt like his sisal scratching post! Pure New Wool at £38.13 a square metre it might be, but as far as Winston was concerned, it belonged in the Cat Accessories aisle at Pets at Home.

He soon made his feelings clear, and Mr and Mrs Churchill had to return the sample to the carpet shop, somewhat embarrassed at the mess Winston had made of it. Pru smiled when she saw the wool loops bobbled and frayed where determined cat claws had scratched. She explained to the Churchills that Winston wouldn’t rest until he had pulled the loops completely free of their backing. She advised that they consider a cut pile carpet instead, and helped them choose some samples.

It wasn’t long before they returned having made their choice – an Adam Berber Twist in a stunning golden and marmelade-fleck shade called “Samarkand”. Winston had given it the paw of approval, sitting contentedly upon the sample and showing no inclination to claw or scratch the cut pile texture.

A few weeks later, and just in time for Christmas, Carl fitted the carpet, and a most appreciative cat sent us this selfie; Winston luxuriating on his new floor covering.

Of course, not all cats will scratch all carpets, but they are more prone to hook their claws into loop piles. A cut pile, be it long or short, will always be preferable, for both the cat’s sake, and your sanity!

Pru and Carl are more than happy to chat about your requirements – and your pet’s – when it comes to choosing a new carpet for your home together.